A true friend

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A true friend is who may be forgotton when you are happy; a true friend is who may be most wanted while you are despair; a true friend needn't apology when he is disturbed; a true friend needn't reward if he helps you.
I often ask myself who are my true friends. But what is the exact definition of a true friend? Can I define it as the friends around me, go to classroom or dormitory together, have meals together, even go to everywhere together? Maybe it is just a form, a friend's form. I don't deny a true friend can engender from this form. I want to say, if you and your friendsare in such a form, that doesn't mean your friendship can stand testing.
In the university, everyone may face this problem: we can't treat a friend as we did in the childhood. When I was very young, usually, I was eager to give my best things to my friend who was regarded as my best friend. But now, I can't, exactly speaking, there is no one worth my devotion. When our benefits are conflicting, what one think about is only oneself. In order to get more profit, unfortunately, many ugly faces begin to appear.
Now, I am confused. I don't know what I want to get or what I should give up. My purpose is simple: I don't want to owe anyone anything. That is what I am pursuing.

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