Introducing Yourself/Starting the Meeting /Opening Remarks

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning!


Hello everyone and welcome.


It’s my great honor to be here.


It’s very happy to see you all.


Thank you for being here.



We haven’t all met before,so I’d better/like to /want to introduce myself. I’m Li Yang from LYCECo./First let me introduce myself.I’m….



I hope you’ll excuse my English.I’m a little out of practice/nervous./Please excuse my poor English.




Preparing the Aduience

What I am going to talking about today is…


First I’d like to talk about …


My topic today is very interesting.


I hope I can share my experiences with you.


I’ll start with…and then move on to …Finally, I’m going to …/I’ll begin by describing…then go on to …and I’ll end with….


I think, if you don’t mind, we’ll leave questions to the end ./If you have any questionhs I’ll be glad to answer them.

(我想如果你們不介意的話,我們將把問題留到最後來解決。/如果你們有問題,我很高興為大家解答。)(主次分明 以“禮”服人。)

Please hold/save any questions until the end.


Remember this important point.



Delivering the Message

Firstly….Secondly…/First of all…Next….


This Brings me to my next point …/Feel free to interrupt if you have any questions.(這正引出了我下面要講的一個……./如果你們有問題請盡管打斷我。)

I must emphasize/stre/make clear/I’d like to turn to/I’d like to stress….


At this point we must consider…/At this point we have to bear in mind…


Now, to digrefor a moment…/Now to change the subject for a moment…


To go back to my earlier point…/To return to the point I made earlier…


Finally…/In conclusion…(最後…..)




Before finishing/closing I’d like to summarize the main points again/

Before I finish,I’d like to run through the main points again.


That’s all I’d like to run through the main points again.

That’s all I have to say for the moment/now/today./

That brings me to the end of my presentation.


Thank you for listening/coming/being here/Thank you for your attention.


Now if there are any questions. I’ll be happy to answer them./I’ll be glad to take any questions./If you have any questions,I’d be glad to answer them.


Finally I’d like to summarize the mail point.


I hope you all enjoy yourself today.


Thank you for listening.


Thank you for your time.


Thank you very much.



American High School Students

1. Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. It’s my great honor to be here and I am very happy to see you all. Thank you for what I am going to talk about today is American education.

2. Firstly, I’d like to talk about American high school students. My topic today is very interesting because American high school students are very different from Chinese high school students. I was a teacher in an American high school and I hope I can share my experiences with you.

3. Remember this important point, American students care about their social activities and activities outside school more than anything else. Chinese students care about their schoolwork and exams more than anything else. American students are very independent. They drive their own cars, work at part time jobs and often have their own money. American high school students are often involved in relationships with boyfriends or girlfriends. Studens in America must learn how to schedule their time among work, school, friends, sports and of course, fun! This type of responsibility is challenging for young people and often their education suffers. This is just a brief introduction to one of the many aspects of American education. Thank you all for listening and I hope you all enjoy yourselves today.

1、 女士們, 先生們、早上好!我很榮幸來到這裏、並且很高興見到大家。謝謝你們的光臨。我今天要談論的話題是美國教育

2、 首先,我想談談美國的高中生。我今天的話題很有趣,因為美國的高中生與中國的高中生有很大的不同。我是一位來自美國的中學教師,我希 望我能和你們一起分享我的經歷。

3、 請記住一點,美國的高中生把學校之外的社會實踐活動看得比任何東西都重要。而中國的學生卻把學校表現和考試成績看得比什麽都重要。美國學生很獨立。他們擁有自己的車,他們能兼職工作,他們用自己賺的錢去購買電話、電視機、音響和遊戲機等。美國的高中生通常還有女朋友或男朋友。美國學生必須學會規劃好自己的時間,去應付工作、學習、交友、運動,當然還有娛樂等。這種情況對年輕人來說是一種挑戰,通常他們的教育都會受到影響。這只是美國教育這面多棱鏡的一角。





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